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UNESCO Chair Sexual Health & Human Rights

It was initiated in 2003 by Kofi Annan (Nobel Peace Prize in 2001) and Marc Ganem (President World Association Sexology 2001-2005) and created in 2010.
The mission of this partnership is to train professionals in order to promote the development, fulfillment and well-being of individuals, couples and families throughout the world.

It allows several types of common and shared actions such as:
– The organization of information events, conferences, symposiums
– The support and supervision of the educational committee
– The contribution of skills in pedagogical engineering
– Support, expertise in sexual health and labeling of training courses
– The promotion of complementary university courses
– The promotions of the training courses of the partner organization.

Sexual Health Switzerland

ISIS Nurses


Partnership Foundation of Paris and Paris-Cité University

ARPS: Reunion association for sexual health prevention

RSSP: public sexual health network


EIVA: help for victims of road and life accidents

APF: association of the paralyzed in France

Enda Graaf Sahel, Ivory Coast

GFMER: Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Switzerland

AMREF: Flying Doctor, African Medical and research Foundation, association for medicine and research in Africa


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