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The association Com'Santé Sexuale was created by Mr. Jérôme Randon, declared in the Official Journal of January 1, 1997. For its 20th anniversary, the Board of Directors decided to change the name of Com'Santé to Com'Santé sexual. This modification is the subject of a declaration in the OJ on 15/12/2018.

Our challenges

  • Inequality between human beings has subverted the basic respect and dignity of the human person, it is at the origin of inter-human violence.
  • Sexuality is the basis of the construction of humanity. The main health indicators linked to it are alarmist.
  • We now know that these global sexual health indicators (defined by the WHO in 2018) are directly linked to the non-respect of human rights values.
  • It is to respond to this problem that Com'santé sexual has decided to launch various actions and training courses for the new generations, which are based on respect for human rights and the promotion of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Human rights are approached from the angle of respectful, tolerant, consensual, egalitarian and prejudice-free human relations.
  • Sustainable development is approached from the perspective of the United Nations 2030 Goals, directly linked to sexual health.
  • Com'santé sexual thus wishes to participate in the improvement of global sexual health indicators, which are figures directly related to the non-respect of human rights values, unassumed sexual choices, and ever-increasing sexually transmitted infections:
- 42 millions de personnes vivent avec le VIH/ SIDA,- 340 millions de nouveaux cas d'IST / an,- 20-50% des femmes ont subi des violences physiques de la part de leur partenaire,- 12-25% des femmes ont fait l’expérience de rapports sexuels forcés durant leur vie,- Les abus sexuels chez les enfants concernent 10-25% des femmes, 3-13% des hommes,- 16 % des naissances ont lieu chez des jeunes femmes de 15 à 19 ans,- 12% des jeunes filles sont mariées avant 15 ans,      - En Europe on enregistre 4,1 mariages pour 1 000 personnes et 1,9 divorces pour      1 000 personnes.

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